A web application written in Elm that provides a simple frontend to MPD. It uses the http module and communicates to MPD via Websockets. It runs completely in the browser and only relies on MPD commands and the additional cover/booklet routes provided by mpc4s-http.

Screenshot (probably outdated)


I know, there are many mpd clients already. The main motivation was to have the following features:

  • album-centric: I want to choose an album to listen to
  • cover/album art and booklet support
  • support for multi disc albums
  • support for multiple MPD connections
  • make use of the composer tag

This is just to scratch my own itch: I tend to first choose an album to listen to (in contrast to randomly playing from a huge playlist); I have many multi-disc albums, mainly listening to classical music and use multiple MPDs (on raspberry pis) with the same music collection… I found many nice frontends, but I wanted something different :-). In this respect it is a rather opinionated frontend.


In order to make it nice to work with, your music collection needs to be tagged properly. The following tags are used:

  • Title
  • Album
  • Genre
  • Composer
  • Artist, Albumartist
  • Date (a year)
  • Disc

The first three are quite important, the rest is nice to have. The Disc tag is optional, obviously.

Cover art is quite important, since it is used exclusively to present your albums. That means you should have cover art available next to your music files. For example, if the song uri is path/to/a/song.flac, then the cover art is looked up at path/to/a/cover.jpg. See this for more information.

Getting it

You can download a zip or deb package. Please see the install page for install instructions.

Since this web application is backed by the http module module, see its configuration section for how to configure the server side.

The client settings can be changed in the web application. They are persisted in local storage of the browser.

The app is by default available at http://localhost:9600/player/ – the trailing slash is important (for now). Multiple mpd connections are supported and they can be changed in the settings page.


Big thanks to Semantic-UI and Elm. Pictures (e.g. not-found images) are taken from Unsplash. Photographers include: