Scala- and Web-Client for MPD

This project provides a Scala library for connecting to MPD and a web based user interface for controlling MPD and browsing your music library.

  • protocol: Library implementing MPD’s protocol in Scala
  • client: Library for interacting with MPD using FS2
  • http: A http server that allows to connect to MPD via Websockets or REST-like endpoints.
  • player: A web-based user interface for MPD.

Getting it

You can use the first three as libraries in your projects:

"com.github.eikek" %% "mpc4s-protocol" % "0.3.2"
"com.github.eikek" %% "mpc4s-client" % "0.3.2"
"com.github.eikek" %% "mpc4s-http" % "0.3.2"

The player and http application are distributed as a zip or deb archive. Please refer to the release page for downloads. The current version can be found here:

What is MPD?

MPD is an excellent music player software, that has no user interface but runs as a daemon instead. That allows to create many different clients and all sorts of other things.


This project is distributed under the GPLv3